Control Your Future.

Prevent unwanted and unintended pregnancies. Take charge and stay prepared with clutchkit.

Helping young adults control their future by increasing the accessibility of reproductive health tools.




The clutchkit offers three key products - condoms, the morning after pill, and pregnancy tests to help prevent unintended and unwanted pregnancies.

Fuel Our Mission: Shop ClutchKits and Drive Impact

Committing to our mission of accessibility for ALL, we strive to serve those with limited means. We do this in two ways:

Purchase a ClutchKit. When you purchase a ClutchKit to give to a loved one, a portion of the purchase price will go toward sending a ClutchKit to someone in need. 

Purchase an Impact ClutchKit. When you purchase an Impact ClutchKit, we will deliver that kit directly to someone in need, working with charitable partners that lift underserved communities. Be a part of the movement to get these health tools into the hands of every young person across our country, enabling young people to control their future and live their dreams.

"My clutchkit was sent to me by my father while I was at school.  It was not only empowering to know I had the tools I needed to live a safe and healthy life but that there was someone out there supporting me. And the clutch was super cute!”

– Emily K.