The clutchkit includes three essential products to prevent unintended and unwanted pregnancies: condoms, the morning after pill, and pregnancy tests. Keep your stylish kit on hand for those crucial "clutch" moments.


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Fully lined zippered clutch (1)

Condoms by ONE (4)

Morning After Pill by Cadence OTC (1) Ingredients: Levonorgestrel 1.5 mg

Pregnancy tests by Stix (2)

Informational packet (1)

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The key to preventing unintended pregnancies is using proper contraception.

Even if you are on birth control, condoms are important to use for pregnancy and STD prevention.


  • Condoms by ONE (4)
  • Tin case

Morning After Pill

Morning after pills help prevent a pregnancy from forming after unprotected sex or if birth control is used incorrectly or fails.

This will not terminate an already existing pregnancy.

Ingredients: Levonorgestrel 1.5 mg


  • Morning After Pill by Cadence OTC (1)
  • Instructions

Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests are useful for confirming whether or not you are pregnant.

If you have taken a morning after pill you may want a pregnancy test to confirm you are not pregnant.


  • Pregnancy tests by Stix (2)
  • Instructions

Did You Know?

The Accessibility Barriers With The Morning After Pill


40% of Pharmacies and supermarkets do not carry EC


The dominant morning after pill brand, Plan B, costs $50-$59


The morning after pill can be embarrassing for young people to buy


The window in which to use morning after pill is critical and tight. Young people don't always plan ahead. Getting to a pharmacy can present hurdles